• Jordi Corbilla

    Sr. Software Engineer at VR Capital Group


    I am a team worker who loves learning from interaction and by listening to people's experiences. I am also capable of working in an independent manner and empathetic with very high communication skills. I have no fear to communicate honestly and always open to feedback. I consider myself very sociable, helpful, open-minded and respectful. I am enthusiastic and hard-working with over 12 years of experience as a Software Engineer in a wide range of business and industries with a very stable career history.

    I consider myself a problem solver, and I have the ability to get things to work. Having a keen eye on quality, architecture and risks this lets me build good software. Right now working for Broadrigde I am focused on several cutting-edge projects trying to push forward the leading products in the financial sector.

    Over the last year I have been involved in learning how the human brain works and how we can get the most out of it. Getting the Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Certificate helped me to improve my abilities and with that knowledge I have helped others to grow professionally.

    Now I am interested in framework platforms, .NET, Web development, Delphi, Continuous integration, Continuous delivery, learning new programming languages and new technologies.

    Areas of expertise:                      

    • Database technologies (SQLServer, Oracle)
    • Microsoft full stack.
    • Mentoring/Coaching
    • Solutions Architecture, Technical design
    • Troubleshooting / Problem solver
    • Documentation & Reporting
    • Process improvement
    • C#, Delphi, Java, C++, C, VB6, Python, Ruby
    • Multi-threading, HPC, AI
    • TCP/IP, COM, DCOM, ActiveX
    • IBM Websphere, MSMQ
    • Web technologies: ASP.net Webforms, ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API's (REST, json), jQuery, Javascript, CSS, Ajax, HTML, .NET 4.5
    • TDD, CI, CD, Scrum


    VR Capital Group

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Feb 2016 - Present


    - Technical: C#, ASP.NET, MVC, jQuery, SQL Server, Windows 10, TDD, CI, CD.


    - Architecting and Developing finance/trading systems using ASP.NET, PHP, Scrum, C#, SQL Server, TDD, MVC, jQuery, Design Patterns, and REST. (Full Stack)
    - Contributing to the platform redesign and architectural choices to shape the future of technology for the group.
    - Developing for the full stack of the solution back-end using ASP.NET MVC and the front-end using HTML5 (Bootstrap).
    - Collaborating with remote development teams, to build a true global team.
    - Helping to establish a long-lasting and repeatable software development standard across the team.
    - Participating in code reviews across all areas of the team, to improve the quality of the delivered solutions.
    - Contributing to the overall security and vulnerabilities of the applications. (OWASP).
    - Contributing to the establishment of a culture of TDD.
    - Working collaboratively with trading desks worldwide to deliver strategic end objectives.
    - Supporting legacy ASP.NET and PHP applications.


    Broadridge Financial Solutions

    Lead Technical Architect

    Mar 2011 - Feb 2016


    Lead Technical Architect for banking services and the financial sector. Developer of cutting-edge in-house Delphi and C# Trading applications.

    - Technical: Delphi 5 to XE7, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, jQuery, VB.NET, VB6, Quick Reports, ADO, ADO.NET, IIS, COM, DCOM, Remoting, TCP/IP, Sockets, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft MSMQ, SQL Server, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, 64 bits.

    - Business process knowledge including trade matching, HFT (High frequency trading) , settlement and SWIFT.
    - Execute and develop end-to-end software solutions in agile environment including: requirement analysis, architecture, design, coding, testing, deployment and support.
    - Deployment of scalable systems with architectural requirements for concurrency, high availability, high throughput and low response time.
    - Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD) with appropriate use of design patterns.
    - Handling of huge data and processing large amounts of information under SQL Server 2012. (Analysis and performance).
    - Unit testing with DUnit, NUnit, code coverage and continuous integration.
    - Designing systems or components on large projects (design, configuration, coding, testing, implementation and documentation).
    - Architecture domain skills (Data, Application, and Infrastructure) using a good understanding of architectural concepts, methodologies and mapping approaches.
    - Experience of working with outsourced or offshore partners to deliver software projects.
    - Project management of new products making key technical decisions and guiding and mentoring the team around technical challenges.
    - Collaborate with other parts of the technology team, including product, QA, etc. to deliver solid product.
    - Conduct code review providing feedback.
    - Training people in India to increase their technical ability.
    - Review technical requirements provided by the business for key projects, in order to take concepts from design to delivery. Provide solid software/component level designs supporting technical requirements.


    AETech (Aplicacions Elèctriques S.A)

    Senior Software Engineer / Analyst Programmer

    Aug 2007 - Mar 2011




    Senior Software engineer for Industrial Automation. Developer of ERP products within the company.

    - Technical: Delphi, VB, C#, Java, C/C++, VBA.

    - Handled project architecture, conceptual & functional design, development & deployment while keeping in mind the "big picture", making sure that "small details" are properly addressed in the implementation.
    - Designed and managed implementation of Company's front-end clients (Win32 with Delphi 2007-XE) and core Application Server modules - infrastructure, data feeds, multithreading data processing and analysis, data manipulation and aggregation.
    - Developed internal framework scheduling system solution in collaboration with UPC to provide necessary functionality for increasing the productivity in batch factories. The code is exclusively Delphi with widespread use of VCL for the GUI front-end.
    - Developed internal Open source framework (Zaluum) for industrial automation based on Java in collaboration with UPC. Setting up the multithreading system on a RTOS with Ubuntu Server and JVM RT.
    - Developed AEmes (Manufacturing Execution System) ERP product server side / client side.
    - Full DB integration, design and performance optimization with SQL Server 2000 - 2005 backend.
    - Proposed and managed implementation of proper DB versioning and deployment procedures.
    - Well proficient in organizing and prioritizing task to accomplish desired results in most efficient way.
    - Designed and implemented necessary deployment processes related to applications managed. Developed necessary automated scripts and created and maintained required support documentation
    - Experience with third-party VCL Components (DevExpress), knowledge of Win32 API, TCP/IP Protocols and socket programming
    - Ability to design and develop in OOAD - Object Orientated Analysis / Design (UML, Design Patterns)
    - Database experience in SQL. UML (Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams and Deployment Diagrams)


    AETech (Aplicacions Elèctriques S.A)

    Senior Field Service Engineer for Automation Control / Senior Control Engineer

    Jun 2003 - Aug 2007




    Technical: Delphi, VB, C/C++, Assembler, Java, Matlab, Simulink, PLC (Siemens, Schneider, GE, Allen Bradley), Distributed systems (PCS7, ABB), IEC 61131.

    Strong technical knowledge in PLC architecture and Programming, HMI/SCADA Programming, DCS Systems.
    Drove commissioning, soft starters commissioning and PID design.
    Technical documentation, monitored work for large customers, support and technical service.
    Provided technical support for production operations including troubleshooting equipment and process problems.
    Actively participated in all the phases of assigned projects including design, fabrication, off-line integration and testing, installation, production start-up support, training of plant personnel and transfer to operations.
    Expertise in a full array of automation technologies including PLC and HMI programming, panel design and system integrations.
    Control software and Electrical hardware troubleshooting.
    Field support for installing/checkout of design and make suggestions for improvements.
    Familiarity with Minitab and statistical process control.
    Improved hundreds of manufacturing processes and products.
    Developed methods, measurements and processes to improve capabilities related to manufacturing.
    Developed new or improved existing product designs to address critical quality requirements.
    Created simulation models for production improvements using Matlab.
    Hands-on knowledge of electrical installation, self starter, independent and quick learner.
    Data retrieval, plotting and analysis using Microsoft Excel.
    Experienced in a variety of industries including:
    Water/Waste water treatment
    Food and beverage.
    Incinerators plants
    Desalination plants.
    Material Handling
    Nuclear Plants.

    PLC: Step5, Step 7 Micro/WIN, Step7, RsLogix 500/5000, ABB Advant OCS, PCS7, Unity and Concept
    HMI/SCADA: Vijeo Citect, IWS, WinCC Flexible, Labview, LabWindows


    Universitat de Girona

    Assistant scholar for Laboratory Flexible Manufacturing

    Jan 2003 - Jun 2003




    Technical: C++, Matlab, Labwindows CVI, Labview

    Developed Industrial Control programs and monitored continuous and discrete plant processes, with control levels, flow rates and temperatures to improve process rates.
    Software development using LabWindows/CVI (C++) and implemented communications drivers for PLC Device (Siemens) using PROFIBUS and DDE.
    Developed mathematical models and benchmarked them using simulations models with Matlab to analyze improvement rate.


    With passion for different programming languages


    From Delphi 5 to Delphi XE7.


    .NET 4.5. ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, jQuey and Javascript




    Passion for algorithms and problem solving.


    Big data manipulation for A.I using scikit.


    Ruby for automation testing. Including libraries like watir and cucumber.


    SQL Server up to 2014. Performance and tuning.




    Jordi Márquez Serra


    Responsable área de sistemas para clientes en AETech (Aplicacions Elèctriques S.A)

    Having Jordi at work means to have no problems. I had the chance to meet Jordi at work, but the great fortune was to become a close friend of him. When you are with Jordi you feel that something thrilling is going on. Challenges, new tendences, new technologies, and all the goods that nowadays big projects are required of, are at Jordi's hands. He is an absolutely great professional who is always looking for the best results, having in mind the customer's requirements, the job well done to meet all deadlines. Performing the best practices in software design, programming and project management; Jordi's work assures a well defined professional product with a perfect vision for future scalability and easy maintenance. His passion and skills for Agile methods make proof of it. If Jordi is good at having things done, and well done; the addition of his endless knowledge in different areas makes that any project in front of him and of any kind, will be a success in all of the senses. To have Jordi beside you is to reach successfully great results. I would recommend Jordi to anybody to have the chance to work with him and to live the experience of knowing him.



    Carles Martínez Planella


    Service, Automation Engineering Programming & IT Systems Administrator en NEOTECMAN, S.L.

    I worked with Jordi in AETech. To work with someone who has so many technical capabilities and is so innovative was an enriching experience.
    The dedication and efficiency of the work of Jordi were appreciated by all the partners. We could always find in him the needed support in technical difficulties at work.
    We worked together in several industrial automation projects where Jordi showed a great capacity to meet new challenges and successfully complete any project that confronts him.



    Elías Hortas


    Versatile and dynamic professional

    I met Jordi during the development of an automation system for his company. In a challenging situation for them, the introduction of a new product on which their future work might move around if successfull, Jordi proved to be positive and very valuable by providing insight so that the system developed would meet their requirements; he was ready to assume the change, however hard it might be.




    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

    Master's Degree Computer Science 2014 – 2017



    Units of study:

    • Usability engineering

    • Advanced techniques of software engineering. 

    • Technology and development in mobile devices. 

    • Publication and distribution platforms. 

    • Large-scale distributed systems. 

    • Management Systems of information security. 

    • Simulation. 

    • Advanced Artificial Intelligence. 

    • Advanced Project management.



    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

    Bsc(Hons) Computer Science Engineering Areas: AI, Compilers, Automata and Grammars ,Computational Learning and Knowledge Representation 2006 – 2014



    Units of Study:

    • Programming Principles, Programming Paradigms, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Databases, Theory of computation, Design and object-oriented programming, Logic, Computer graphics, Information theory, Computer Networking, Discrete Mathematics, Graphs and complexity, Networks and Internet applications, Computer Architecture, Security, Automata and grammars, Database design, Structure of computer networks, Physical fundamentals of computers, Data structure, Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Compilers, etc.

    Bachelor's Thesis: "Distributed decision-making system". https://github.com/JordiCorbilla/DDM




    2011 – 2011



    Certified Delphi Developer



    University of Cambridge

    English 2010 – 2010



    Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). C1 CEFR Level.



    Skill Matters

    Certificate Neuroscience 2009 – 2009



    Software development happens in your head - not in an editor, IDE, or design tool. We're well educated on how to work with software and hardware, but what about wetware, our brains? look at how the brain really works (hint: it's a dual processor, shared bus design) and how to use the best tool for the job by learning to think differently about thinking.

    Activities: Certificate in "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning" by Andy Hunt



    University of Cambridge

    English 2009 – 2009



    First Certificate in English (FCE). B2 CEFR Level.



    Universitat de Girona

    BEng Industrial Engineering Area of Emphasis: Electronics, Robotics and Industrial Automation 1999 – 2003



    Units of study:

    • Power Electronics, Electric Machines, Business Administration, Vector computation, Control Systems, Electrical Installations,, air-conditioning installations, Applied fluid mechanics, technical office, Organization of Production, Control theory, Industrial robotics,, numerical methods, Controlling and planning in robotics, Digital electronics, Electronic instrumentation, Statistics, Technical drawing , Industrial computation, Industrial Automation, Mechanics, Industrial heat and cold, Industrial Law, New materials, Computer aided design, Multimedia, Advanced Programming, Computer control, Modelling and simulation of systems, advanced automatons.

    Bachelor's thesis: "Monitoring of a remote Laboratory-based using Datasocket" implementing a lightweight SCADA using C++. Live-view recording presentation can be seen at the following link:


    Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together.



    London, United Kingdom